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Top 10 Women’s Fashion Tips For Spring 2011

It’s hard to stay ahead of the game with styles that come and go each year. Spring of 2011 is going to be a blockbuster for setting new trends. Here is a little insider information on preparing for what is to come.
1. Wet and Grey. Forget the pinks and matte black fingernails that make your skin look dry and dull. Nails for 2011 are exciting with an elegant shade of grey with hints of blue. Finish off the job with a high-gloss topcoat. The color of your skin will be dramatized and your nails will glow with natural color.
2. Wide flowing skirts that hit just below the knee can cover that midriff that hasn’t been properly toned up for summer yet. Dark greys for business and colorful pastels for play look great with a pair of heels.
3. Slimming graphic-print dresses that ride two inches (or more) above the knee will silhouette your figure in an intriguing way when bold prints of black, red or blue are splashed throughout the curves. Long sleeved or sleeveless and simple in design, no one will see you as plain.
4. Matted Lips. Your nails may look wet but your lips will be dry with the new moisturizing crmes that are patted on lips. The lips stay healthy, natural and very kissable with unglossed lips that bring appearance to your mouth without going overboard.
5. Loafers just got a bit jazzier with high heels on the bottom. Comfortable yet dressy with a skirt or jeans, high-heeled loafers are available in leather and suede to mix and match with your new cool wardrobe.
6. Anything Lavender. Blouses, sandals, dresses or swimsuits are going to adopt the color of lavender this year. A melt-in-your mouth mild lavender with a slight overcast of grey will make you look as sweet as pie in a lightweight trench coat when out on the street.
7. Big Jewelry. Anything big, bold and shiny will look great on arms, around the neck or adorning fingers. Clean edges, geometric in shape and lots of shine will make a big statement and no small pieces to lose.
8. Everyone loves jeans but jeans don’t always love back. The design of trouser jeans for Spring 2011 will be comfortable, sexy and fit better. Made to ride below the belly button but not tight enough to form a muffin top, everyone has the chance to show off their stuff without sucking it in.
9. Bangs are back and always make one look younger and sweeter. But if you’re not a bangs person, part your hair in the middle but not super straight. Making an imperfect center part will create a more natural relaxed look, almost as sweet as bangs.
10. Sporting long lashes under light pastel eye shadows will bring attention to the season and yourself. Dark is out and so is bright. Stay as light and airy as possible to make those baby blues shine.
With spring just around the corner, try a few of these ideas that will be everywhere before long. It is the season to look and feel your best while being right in style.

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