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Brazil Leads Trend In Latest Footwear For Women

Scour through the pictures of any fashion magazine, like Vogue, Cosmo, Marie Claire, or Glamour, and youll see them vibrant, colorful, and fashionable. No, were not talking about the latest line of Coach purses or Betsey Johnson jewelry. Were talking about Brazilian heels, the latest fashion craze in womens designer shoes, a fad that transcends age and economic stature.

For years shoe fashions were always inspired by European designers, particularly in Italy and Spain. And in many ways, Italian designer shoes still are the gold standard. But where Italy and Spain have fallen short, by producing conservative, classic styles, Brazil has thrived taking risks.
You can find Brazilian shoes in a variety of bold, even outrageous styles leopard print, snakeskin, glittery fabrics, chic black leather, and metallic gold. These shoes range from ballet flats to moderate, two-inch peep-toe shoes, to four-inch cheetah-print stilettos, and cater to anywhere from business-casual by day to ultra-glam at night.

Pair some ultra-skinny jeans with a dark, glittery, oversized top or a black blazer (for day time), black ballet flats, and silver-metallic jewelry. Pair a foral, summer sundress with classic red peep-toe heels or pumps and vintage cat-eye sunglasses. Pair a leather miniskirt with a silk blouse and black leather high-heel stilettos.

One of the key reasons Brazilian shoes have gained such popularity, aside from style, is because these shoes are well-made. Crafted with real, genuine leather and high-end, durable fabrics, these shoes offers wears plenty of mileage so they can be worn every day, or for late nights out on the town, without any real hassle.

Another reason Brazilian shoes are becoming so popular is because of cost. In order to compete with European styles, Brazilian shoe designers offer their footwear for significantly less money. For example, you can buy a pair of Italian designer high heels for $295 at Nordstrom or Macys. You can find a similar pair of Brazilian heels, with similar, even better quality, and you only pay $150. Who doesnt want to pay half-cost for the same high quality product?

You may not be able to find these shoes in Macys or Nordstrom. They dont have the type of mainstream popularityyet. But a lot of boutique and independent shoe stores are starting to offer Brazilian designers like Morena Rosa and Luz da Lua. Also, thanks to the internet, you can order these types of shoes from online shoe retailers who have caught wave of the trend.
By ordering online, you won’t be able to try on the shoes, but often times you can find them much cheaper than brick and mortar locations.

Online retailers are usually very flexible to work with in terms of returns, but it’s important to check the return policies of online stores before ordering, just to avoid headaches. In this scenario, it may allow you to order one or two pairs of the same shoes in different sizes just to see which fits best. If you’re not satisfied with either, you can return both, hassle free. That way you can get what you really want.

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