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Silk Scarf Elevates Women’s Beauty

Our modern women would like to choose a 100% silk scarf to decorate them. The charm and glamour of silk scarf exit in its function of elevating women’s extraordinary temperaments of sexiness, kindness, elegance and grace as well as nobility, which is why there are so many women turning to the silk scarves. Today, I would like to introduce three types of silk scarves designed for women.

Fresh sky blue color of oblong silk scarf is the very first type that I want to introduce to you. It is made from the best quality of real silk and ornamented by hand-painted embroidery and beadings that are distributed on the two ends of the scarf. It is about 170cm long and 50cm wide, whose size paves the way for its multi functions such as head scarf, waist scarf, hip scarf and shawl. What is more, its light weight, soft and smooth hand feeling as well as its bright and fresh sky blue color make the women who are wearing it be more elegant, graceful and charming,.

Tri-color pure silk oblong scarf is the second type. The dominant tone of this silk scarf is noble purple color. However, the purple color is divided into three kinds according to its chromaticity. The three purple colors are applied to this silk scarf from deep to light. As we all know, the purple color itself gives people a sense of nobility and elegance as well as grace. Besides, the fringes or tassels in the end of the silk scarf are the fashionable element in this season. What is more, this type of silk scarf in such color combination can match any clothing and occasions pretty well and can elevate women’s charm and beauty.

The third type is the lady’s silk scarf made from 100% silk and solid deep red color as well as concise but fashionable design style. Comparatively, its size is much smaller, which is 40cm long and 40cm wide. Besides, it is light, smooth and soft. If you want to select a fashionable accessory for a bag, neck, hair and even wrist, then, this type of silk scarf can be your very first choice.

However, what I have mentioned three styles of lady’s silk scarves is just a very small part.

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