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The New Way For Women’s Underwear To Be Chic And Sexy

As women’s underwear fashions have evolved over the years, and the cultural mores and attitudes to women have changed – the overriding sexy image for the ideal women’s underwear was either pretty and feminine, or seductive and provocative. Today’s modern women however, are carving out a new niche for themselves that is sexy and chic, through the influence of social and cultural leaders and fashion designers.

Many believe women’s lingerie has frequently been designed with the preferences of males in mind. The lingerie era was really ushered in during the flapper era, with increasing sexuality, as garter belts were invented to keep stockings from falling down while dancing. Although garter belts served a very functional role, their appeal to men lay in their occasional sightings and the power of suggestion. So even after the invention of panty hose, which eliminated the need for garter belts, these belts still held their place in the lingerie world as a seductive accessory for women. However, women have known since their introduction, that these accessories were not comfortable, simple, or conducive to an active lifestyle. Still, they have persisted in the collections of top lingerie designers. Similarly, pretty, lacy underwear has become a staple of lingerie collections for their traditional feminine appeal although some might label them as demure articles, hardly indicative of a confidently, sexy and chic woman. The only alternative to these provocative and ultra feminine styles until now has been the sporty collection – devoid of embellishment and designed for strictly exercise and sport purposes. Although it certainly meets one need of the active modern woman – it denies any of the other facets she has.

Into this mix comes today’s women who juggle everything and assume every role throughout their waking days. A recent Vogue article by Emily Zak hit on this point exactly with a nod to Michelle Obama, and the modern new standard of American elegance and chic she is anticipated to create with her President husband in a White House of diverse people and ideas. Zak describes Michelle Obama as having an “easy elegance on the campaign trail” and being “more importantly, a mother of two, a wife and a brilliant Harvard educated lawyer.” She just may be America’s answer to the cutting remarks of tastemaker, fashion icon and field editor Diana Vreeland, who once stated that with few exceptions, “There is no such thing as a chic American” America is ready it appears for designs and designers that can address this burgeoning chic image for women.

A new underwear competitor has set its sights on meeting the needs of the modern woman with a new way to be chic and sexy. Alenver Inc. has designed a collection that is simultaneously described as chic, funky, sexy, unique and playful. Their women’s fitted boxers are ideal for sports, around the house and even sleepwear. Their thongs and string panties are comfortable for day wear and their funky lace line is perfect for evening wear and the perfect balance with jeans. All the styles promote a playful aspect with the concept of messages in reverse on the signature wide elastics of the bra and waistbands. In summary, the collection meets the needs of all the aspects of the modern woman’s life. Alenver has created their collection for the woman who pays attention to how she looks, and who tries to coordinate her clothing, even if it will not be seen by others. Alenver’s collection with messages for the wearer alone to be able to read in the mirror, reinforces this idea that the woman is the priority, and her own self expression is valued.

It is an important concept to remember that fashion and clothes are not the same thing. Josh Patner, Slate fashion expert and former assistant designer for Donna Karan states that: “While clothes keep you from being naked and cold and pockets provide a place for your house keys, fashion when it’s good, sends the imagination racing and speaks for the wearer’s dreams in a way words can’t.” This holds true for underwear fashion as well. Today’s modern women invariably hold the profile of creative, working, family minded, and independent individuals who juggle all things. Women are achieving new ways of success in their lives and channeling that new energy into their fashion. Being able to express that new way to be chic and sexy, even down to the details of fashion underwear shows the progress today’s women have made in their quest for lingerie with them in mind.

Sue Wong Dresses

The prom is a unique event in a young lady’s life and it should be treated accordingly. The prom dress is of uttermost importance and everyone dreams to wear a designer’s dress. Why not after all because you only go to the prom once in a lifetime? As a young lady interested in fashion you have probably paid a lot of attention to the ones that are dressing up the celebrities and their are a lot out there.

Collections from various designers like Sue Wong, Adrianna Papell, and Donna Ricco all have their own unique style. Sue Wong collections for example, focus on romance and making women feel strong and confident. Donna Ricco on the other hand started out sewing dresses for her favorite dolls, and ended up yeilding elegant style dresses that even the first lady Michelle Obama took notice of.

It’s is clearly understood that in the prom night you want to feel like you have never felt before because you start turning into a lady. What better way to emphasis this elegantly and discreetly than by wearing a one of your favorite designers? Once you have that dress you start feeling like a woman, a beautiful woman, and no other clothing item has ever been capable of producing these sensations on you. Sue Wong dresses are extremely seductive and you will see how your attitude will change dramatically once you start feeling beautiful, attractive and confident.

Remember the feeling you had when you have first tried on your mother’s shoes or jewels? Like you were the most beautiful person on the planet? It is the same when wearing Sue Wong dresses. They help you redefine yourself and the way others perceive you. The truth is that you can’t feel bad in such wonderful dresses.

You won’t have to worry that you won’t find anything appropriate for your prom because a lot of Sue Wong cocktail dresses are also suitable for such an occasion. You can actually find whatever you like and you can pick from a variety of fabrics, colors and styles. You can either go for a short dress or a long one, depending on how you feel most comfortable.

All you have to do is to decide on a single dress. It is going to be hard because the Sue Wong collections contain a lot of fascinating items, but it will be best to listen to your heart and to pick up the dress that makes you feel the best. Make sure it fits your style and your age and then get yourself some great shoes and some great accessories and have fun at the prom.

Autumn Fashion Accessory Trends From Paris Men’s Fashion Week

American rapper Ben Haggerty, better known by his stage name, Macklemore, once commented, “I think what’s wrong with the fashion world, particularly men’s fashion, is the lack of creativity behind it.” Just one look at men’s fashion accessories for this fall reveals that this is not the case for this season at all!

And where better to learn about men’s trending styles than Fashion Week in Paris, France? While some of the new trends might seem outlandish, others will fit right into your current wardrobe. Here are some of the latest trends you can expect to see this autumn based on the runway shows.

1. Scarves – The scarves trending men’s fashion this fall are truly intense. Saint Laurent, noted for their free, youthful styles, offers an entire series of overly long, wool scarves with cable designs capped with fringe on either end. Meanwhile Belgian designer Maison Martin Margiela introduces exaggerated scarves of dyed lamb-fur with a pull-through slit that secures it around the wearer’s neck.

2. Hats – Keep warm and look stylish with the latest trend in hat fashions this fall. New York designer Thom Browne (who designs for the likes of Michelle Obama) introduces a boxy-style top hat for men. Japanese fashion label Comme des Garons, on the other hand, paraded models up and down the catwalk while wearing leather hats resembling rabbit and mouse ears.

3. Shoes – Step out in style with the latest in men’s footwear this season. Belgian designer Raf Simons always delivers highly anticipated designs and Fall 2013 is no different, with sneakers for Adidas that reflect innovative style while meeting the demands of high athletic performance.

4. Bags – From backpacks to briefcases, autumn fashion trends offer men a wide range of bag choices. French fashion house Lanvin offers a large poly-wool blend 48-Hour Bag large enough to hold a change of clothes for a trip to the gym or an overnight business trip. For a less formal look, Paris-based, high-fashion designer Herms offers a gray tote with maroon leather detail and a solid black leather duffle bag.

5. Cufflinks – If you’re not ready to fully immerse yourself in this season’s fashions, at least splurge on a pair of cufflinks. Industrial themes wrapped in British luxury dominate new styles available and will appeal to both Steampunk enthusiasts and Wall Street executives alike, from Alfred Dunhill’s carbon fiber cufflinks inspired by turbine engines to Robert Tateossian’s interactive, mechanical cufflinks that sport fully functioning watch gears.

Men’s fashion accessories for this autumn are merely a starting point and a great way to transition your look from summer to winter, especially if your budget does not allow for an entire new wardrobe. A word of caution — be careful when mixing prints and solids. If you decide to go with patterns in your accessories, then stick with solid hues for the primary clothing in your outfit, and vice versa.

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